Ilan Zarantonello

Product & Project Management 
Visual Production


Greetings from my corner of the web! I'm Ilan, a professional in product management. My journey began in visual production, where I successfully navigated the intricate world of imagery, bringing stories to life through the lens.

With a certification in Product Management, I've formalized my extensive knowledge and expertise. In previous roles, I led teams, streamlined processes, and co-founded a photo studio where creativity flowed freely. From sparking ideas to bringing them to fruition, my approach has always centered around the user.

This passion for managing projects, crafting strategies, and solving complex puzzles now drives my journey into the dynamic field of product management. I'm on a quest to explore this vast landscape, seamlessly blending strategy with innovation.

Beyond the realms product management, you'll find me enjoying the company of my trusty sausage dog (who insists on overseeing all my projects), messing with piano keys, and seeking new trails to conquer. Freelance projects also keep me on my toes – because who needs free time when there are exciting challenges to tackle?

So, if you're up for a dose of creativity, strategic thinking, and a dash of humor, join me on this journey. Ultimately, a skillful product manager understands when it's necessary to put in the effort and when it's the right moment to head out on the trails with a furry friend.

And let’s keep in touch!

Product manager with a robust foundation in visual production, specialized in transforming intricate concepts into creative solutions. A proven track record of leading teams to success while enhancing processes. Excited to use my organizational, problem-solving, and communication skills, for the next exciting chapter in product!