Ilan Zarantonello

Product & Project Management 
Visual Production


Digital Asset Manager


As the visual production lead at an e-commerce company, Flaconi, I created a customized digital asset manager to streamline image and video sharing. Overcoming stakeholder requirements, this solution improved sharing efficiency, optimized image research, and economized resources.


Theis project allowed me to successfully addressed internal visual asset challenges, demonstrating the positive impact of tailored digital asset management on collaboration, efficiency, and resource optimization within the e-commerce context.


I would like to thank the team of who supported us with their tool and solving issues along the way. 
And Julia Marco, the Senior Photo editor, who supported me in in the launch and took care of the implementation and further management of the tool. Thank you! 

Product manager with a robust foundation in visual production, specialized in transforming intricate concepts into creative solutions. A proven track record of leading teams to success while enhancing processes. Excited to use my organizational, problem-solving, and communication skills, for the next exciting chapter in product!