Ilan Zarantonello

Product & Project Management 
Visual Production


Ads experience improvement


The project focuses on resolving challenges faced by a photo-sharing app, including a decline in user engagement and revenue loss caused by reduced interaction with in-app ads. The objective is to thoroughly investigate these issues and identify effective solutions.


We began by understanding the company's perspective and product objectives. We then set product principles. The next steps involved generating ideas, validating them through research analysis, and prioritizing them by evaluating effort and impact.

Based on our initial assumption of the need for optimizing the ad experience, I collected research from competitor analysis (interviews and surveys) and an analysis of our own app. I gathered findings from both qualitative and quantitative methods, connecting direct feedback with user behaviors. This helped me validate my assumptions and go further with the solution discovery.

Next Steps:

  1. Adding New Features: Start adding the new features like Quick Ratings and Sharing to give users more control over ads.
  2. Ask Users for Feedback: Keep asking users what they think about the changes. Use their feedback to make ads better.
  3. Test and Improve: Try different things and see what works best. Keep making ads better based on what users like.
  4. Guidelines for Ads: Make rules for the kind of ads that are shown to keep them interesting and enjoyable.

By doing this, Aperture aims to make ads a better experience for users, which will also help the company increasing revenue and keeping users retention and engagement.

Product manager with a robust foundation in visual production, specialized in transforming intricate concepts into creative solutions. A proven track record of leading teams to success while enhancing processes. Excited to use my organizational, problem-solving, and communication skills, for the next exciting chapter in product!