Ilan Zarantonello

Product & Project Management 
Visual Production


Contributor’s features improvement


To deal with the issue of the increasing number of users compared to the limited contributors in "Make your Map," our local navigation and review app. Focusing on users who rarely or never contribute, we aim to find insights and implement solutions that encourage more active contributions while improving the overall user experience.


I conducted qualitative research through in-depth interviews with users. The focus was on understanding their app usage, preferences, and, most importantly, the reasons behind their limited contributions. The findings revealed a strong reliance on daily map use, a high liking for the review feature, and a preference for a more private and efficient contribution process.


To sum up, our deep dive into how users use "Make your Map" has given us some important insights. The fact that users heavily depend on the app daily and like the review feature suggests an opportunity for increased user involvement. The solution we propose, bringing in features like the PopUp Reminder and Pre-filled Reviews, aims to make the user experience smoother and more friendly

Next Steps:

Looking ahead, I suggest trying out the proposed features with a small group of users to see how well they work in real-life situations. Additionally, continuous feedback from users and keeping an eye on analytics will be important for refining and improving the features based on changing user needs.


This research emphasizes the importance of designing with the user in mind to encourage participation. The focus on simplicity, privacy, and customization in our suggested features aligns with what users seem to prefer. As we move into the implementation stage, staying open to user feedback becomes crucial for lasting success, ensuring that "Make your Map" becomes a trusted, enjoyable, and user-driven platform.

Product manager with a robust foundation in visual production, specialized in transforming intricate concepts into creative solutions. A proven track record of leading teams to success while enhancing processes. Excited to use my organizational, problem-solving, and communication skills, for the next exciting chapter in product!